Access Control System

Yarona Electronic Systems is expect at installing the latest access control systems including market leading systems from different suppliers, we have worked with all sizes of client and on all types of job, installing and maintaining single control point solution through to multi entry role based access control systems linked together to common monitoring station at big companies, guest houses, and town houses.

We do have different keyless entry systems with latest technology. These are:

  • Biometric access control systems , using your retina readers or fingerprint
  • Access control card readers, card or tag
  • Access Keypad, with password or tag readers.

Systems are designed differently according to a specific site and tailored to the client’s specific needs. We can either use magnetic Locks or strikers locks with battery backup in case there is a power failure. We integrate Access control and CCTV systems, this give a lot of advantages, when someone unlocks a door the system can alert a camera and can start recording. You can also receive an email when a person has opens or closes the door, or leaves it open.

For more information please contact our SALES TEAM they will be able to assist and design your system as per your needs.


Alarm Systems

An alarm system is a vital part of an overall security system, as well as efficiently detecting intruders, when there is an alarm system it reduces security breaches, especially being an Early Warning System (EWS). You can arm your EWS and walk around your inside house whilst your perimeter is protected. All our Systems are installed according to SAISDA standards and are approved by most of the insurance companies.

Our systems can be controlled via the following:

  • GRPS monitoring – Alarm system transmit signals via mobile data network using 4 g Technology, backed up by regular Radio transmitter.
  • Wireless and Radio Data Based Systems – Radio signals with a different frequency to the control room.
  • Internet and cloud – Signals can be directed straight to cloud and to your smart phone or tablet via email and you can be able to log in via your smart mobile devices or pc from anywhere in the world. You can be able to switch on and off your lights, open gates and close them without being at home which saves you time and money when you are at work and need to open for contractors coming to do work whilst you are not around with a simple press of a button. Our Systems can be integrated with CCTV System to feed a signal and send you pictures on email when the alarm is activated, giving peace of mind. Thanks to our FIBARO HOME AUTOMATION SYSTEM which can be integrated our Network of security, you can be able to control all your security equipment via our Smart home system from a single click of a button.



CCTV Installations

Yarona Electronic Systems (YES) is an approved Hikvision installer and has over 10 years’ experience installing CCTV products including, Hikvision, Avtech, Samsung and Sunnel. We can cover any size of a project in South Africa and Africa.

High Profile projects undertaken include CCTV System at Tube City Ims South Africa and Rochester Stores.


An IP CCTV installation allows you to monitor your cameras on your smart tablet or iPad or any other internet enabled device, from anywhere on earth. Yes you can

  • Open and close doors
  • Control your temperature and lightning
  • You can see who is getting into your drive way before they ring the bell and allow them access with a press of a button.
HD Analogue CCTV on a budget

Your budget is too tight for an ip CCTV, we can still install HD Cameras using your existing cable, allowing for further savings on time and cost. We do have a lot of different types of cameras for different environment which suits your pockets too. What you need is Digital Video Recorder and HD cameras and link them to you Smart Tv and power supply. These systems can be linked to your network and can be remote viewed far away from home via your Smart Phone or Tablet.


Electric Fencing

Electric Fence System is one of the best way of keeping intruders away and not as much expensive as people image. With the best energizers on the market, you can be able to control and monitor your fencing from a smart phone or a pc giving you control in your fingertips. Our Energizers does have battery backup and can be powered with Solar panels helping you to save money and protecting your properties at the same time.

We do give 24hrs services on Repairs and service agreements and make sure that your systems are in good conditions and are free from faults. Our systems does notifies us when there is a problem on site ,which means you don’t need to worry about your security issues at all. It can be monitored via GSM network and through the internet. It can also be integrated with our security systems.


Gate Automations

Here at Yarona Electronic Systems we supply and installs a large range of gate operators. Our quality of work and attention to detailed has helped us become one the best leading installation company in South Africa.

Our team of professional engineers have more than 10 years combined experience to help you choose the right gate operator for your gate .We do install the latest access control to your gate providing additional security and easy access to your driveway.

Automated gates provides added security to your home and enhance your driveway. Local is lekker, we only use local gate operators, which are of high quality and we pride ourselves on excellent customer service.

Call us today for a free, no obligation quotation.

How safe is your gate
Your Gates represent a significant investment and should be maintained by a professional engineer. Poorly maintained gates don’t just become unreliable- they can also become unsafe. Gates in a nonresidential settings that are used by public must be regularly checked and maintained in order to comply with Health and Safety standards. Ask us today for a gate inspection and a check list.

Before you buy…

Please remember that automated gates are potentially dangerous. Sadly there have been several cases of kids being trapped and injured and killed by incorrectly installed gates. Kids are mostly at risk. All electric gates in nonresidential must have an annual safety inspection and for residential homes the inspections must every six months. Our engines are qualified and have many experience. We do invest in our engineers. Giving them the training and education they need to ensure that we work to the highest possible safety standards. We give you peace of mind. Safety first is our concern.


Intercom, analogue and IP Intercom Systems

Our intelligent home intercom system, which are a Wi-Fi enabled security and communication devices that lets users identify visitors and speak with them, even when they are away from home. We do have door bell and entry phone and indoor intercom. Voice over ip gives a clear sound with no distracting noises or adverse sound effects. Sound and video can be stored in cloud. It does have a motion sensor inside that detects the presence and informs the user about it. Thanks to Fibaro home automation, it is an ideal security solution, user – defined pin codes are used to open the door or gates, linked to the Alarm System to protect against tampering or disassembling. We do have an app for mobile devices  which turns into a gate key. The app also provides the user with a complete  history  of activities at the door detected by the built in sensor. Our Fibaro intercom keeps your home Safe and provides you a multifunctional communication device. We also provide BPT intercom systems, for cheaper domestic markets. We do have a solution for all your needs.

With our Fibaro home automation, Fibaro door phone and be work as a standalone and linked to the fibaro Home Centre 2 with a full HD resolution. Internet via WIFI or Ethernet. Whether you are at home or not you will be notified when some rings your door. These are the nice features of our intercom

  • Sound and motion Detection with notification on your IPhone, IPad or smart phone.
  • Rotating bezzle with which you can enter a pin code to enter the premises.
  • Offers a standalone app and Cloud Storage
  • Can be used inside as intercom or baby monitor
  • Battery backup 12 hours
  • No hard wiring.